May 26, 2010

How To Hack Your MagicJack To Make Calls From Any SIP Enabled Softphone in Windows and Linux Part 2 – Using Your MagicJack info in Windows

Yesterday I wrote about how to obtain your Magicjack password by doing a memory dump in Windows. Well what good is that information if you don’t know how to use it? I’ll tell you, it isn’t any good at all! So in the post, I will tell you how to setup a softphone in Windows so you can make inbound and outbound calls using your Magicjack number without having to use the USB dongle! Not to mention, you can set this up on multiple computers!
Once again I want to re-iterate that this violates Magicjack’s TOS. This article is purely for informational purposes, and I accept no liability if you get your Magicjack account pulled because you want to screw the man!
With that little bit of legal mumbo jumbo out of the way, lets get together the stuff you will need:

No, I didn’t mention this in the last post, but you can’t simply use your Magicjack username and password by itself to make inbound and outbound calls. The reason being is the way Magicjack does authentication. Now correct me if I am wrong, but what I gather is Magicjack takes your password and combines it with the proxy for your city and creates an MD5 hash. It then uses that hash to authenticate with the proxy. If you don’t have that hash, you cannot authenticate, and thus cannot make calls. That is where MJMD5 comes in.
  1. Go ahead and download MJMD5 and run it.
  2. Enter 5070 for both the listening and the forwarding port.
  3. Enter your local proxy (proxy01.<yourcity>
  4. Enter your Majicjack password
  5. Save your settings
  6. Click Start
With that running, download and install Xlite’s free softphone on the same computer and enter the following:
  1. Display Name: Whatever you want
  2. Username: Magicjack Username (E<yourphonenumber>01)
  3. Password: Your Magicjack password
  4. Authorization user name: Magicjack Username (E<yourphonenumber>01)
  5. Domain:
  6. Check Register with domain to receive incoming calls
  7. Select the domain radio button
  8. Click Apply then OK
That is it! Now you can make inbound and outbound calls without your Magicjack USB dongle in Windows. You can also set this up on as many computers as you want!
Check back tomorrow where I show you how to do the same thing in Linux!

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