May 3, 2010

Episode 21 – How To Write IMG Files to USB

Another month, another episode of Bauer-Power! In this episode I decided it was time to address some emails I had been receiving ever since episode 19 where I showed you all how to use Bauer-Puntu to hack Windows passwords. It turns out there were a lot of n00bs out there who didn’t know how to put my Linux awesomeness onto a USB stick. Here I was thinking everyone knew of how to do it, but I guess I was wrong.

I decided to do this video for the n00bs! In this video not only will I show you how to write my USB image to your USB drive in Windows, I will show you a way of doing it in Linux too. So grab some popcorn, and crack open a beer, because here is episode 21!



Once again, the tools I used were:

Roadkil’s Disk Image -  Windows

Ubuntu ImageWriter – Linux

Any other Linux n00b questions you have? Don’t be shy! Hit us up in the comments!

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