May 4, 2010

Bauer-Puntu 10.04 Released!

Just last week, Ubuntu released their latest Long Term Support (LTS) release version 10.04 Lucid Lynx. Well, you of course know what that means right? Yup, I had to quickly put together Bauer-Puntu 10.04! Due to the extreme popularity of Bauer-Puntu 9.10R2, I decided to not make too many drastic changes. This way you can keep using Bauer-Puntu as your daily IT toolkit without interruption.

That being said, I did make some changes. Some of it was for ease of making the distro, and also because this version of Ubuntu is pretty friggin' awesome on it's own, and doesn't need a lot of customization. I mean seriously, they finally got rid of the shit brown! That was one of the main reasons I started Bauer-Puntu! They did however move to a Gentoo like purple though, so that of course had to be changed. Also, I decided not to go with Flock again, and just kept Firefox, but changed the theme (Bikinis anyone?) and added Scribefire and Stumbleupon.

Here is a list of additional packages I added in this version:

I also changed the boot up Plymouth splash to a Bauer-Power variation of the Solar theme. Oh yeah, as I showed in the list above, I added Cairo dock for a little Mac OSX like eye candy. It works on the Live CD too.

NOTE: You will get prompted when you first boot up to the Live CD/Live USB to configure Cairo dock, but trust me it is already configured... Just click Close!

Anyway, I am sure you want some screen shots. Here you go!

Live CD Boot Menu
plymouth solar theme
Bauer-Power Solar Plymouth Splash
login screen
Login Screen
Cairo Dock
Firefox With Krystal Sexy Babe Skin
GrimWepa GUI WEP/WPA Cracker
You can download either the ISO, or the USB image from here:
As always, I recommend using Roadkil’s disk image to write the IMG file to USB in Windows, and the USB ImageWriter in Linux. If you don’t know how to do it, watch episode 21 of Bauer-Power here:

Anything else you guys want to see in Bauer-Puntu? Anything you don’t like? Let me know in the comments!

NOTE: Bauer-Puntu 10.10 is out! Click Here --> (Bauer-Puntu 10.10)

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