May 7, 2010

Music From Windows XP and 98

I saw this in my Internet travels the other night, and thought I would repost it here. I mean it had to go up on Bauer-Power for the pure geekiness of it! In the video below a guy takes only sound files from Windows XP and Windows 98 and turns them from their annoying sounds to sweet ass geeky music!

Seriously, iIthink I have found my new ring tone! I am not sure what software the guy used to make this masterpiece. If you know, please let me know what it is in the comments.

EDIT: Not sure how I missed it, but at the end they say what software it is. The software is called MODPlug Tracker, and it is free! Thanks for the comments!

What did you think of it? Pretty cool right? the extended MP3 version can be downloaded from here: (Windows Music Mix)
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