Mar 19, 2009

IE8 FTW Baby!! Yeah!!

So Microsoft has released IE8 Right NOW! And hopefully companies will pick it up quickly as it really is far better that Firefox or Chrome. Really MS has actually redeemed itself in this release of IE. I’d even say that it does better at Malware protection than any other browser out there. (with the exception of maybe a text browser) You can download it HERE. I urge you to try it. From as long as I’ve been using it in beta, it’s run faster and safer than Firefox and by far more so than IE 6 or 7. Also from a web developer standpoint they have come a long way also. One of the key features is their Compatibility mode, which will help to ensure better web standards across the net but for those sites that are not XHTML compliant that’s what it’s there for. Much like Opera does.

Now for those skeptics out there that think it really can’t be better. NSS Labs did a test and from the data they collected, IE8 RC1 was 69% effective at catching malware before it did harm to your pc. Where Firefox came in at second with only 30%.

IE 8 will also be the standard for the Windows 7 OS. In the first time in Microsoft’s history, as far as I know, in Windows 7 they will actually give users the ability to turn off IE 8 as a feature on your pc. So see Microsoft is turning over a new leaf and actually making good software now. So try out IE 8, You’ll love it.

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