Mar 6, 2009

Friday Funny – Ultimate Car Battery Hack

Hey guys. It is my last day in Colorado, and I am killing time at Denver International Airport, so I decided to write a piece for for tomorrow (I guess it is today now isn’t it?) Trouble is I couldn’t think of anything good to write, so I did what any other blogger would do. Look for a cool vid to show you guys.

Today’s video is pretty hilarious. I was actually looking for a video on hacking, and stumbled on this one. It is obviously full of crap, but funny as hell! I decided to post it to give you all a nice, well deserved Friday chuckle!

Here it is, The Insane Car Battery Hack!

What did you guys think of this “hack”? What’s your favorite part? Mine was the light saber vs screw driver bit. Let me know your favorite part, or if you thought it was LAME in the comments!

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