Mar 17, 2009

Computer Builders: Make Your Mark

How many of you out there have built your PC? Went out, got the sweetest case, the baddest motherboard, a heap load of RAM, a high end video card, and a monster hard drive to store all of your games, movies etc? Quite a few I am willing to bet. You have made everything custom right down to the little glow in the dark decals. Why not make your mark with the operating system as well?

This post is more geared towards private consultants that build PC's for clients, but can equally apply to the PC builder who does it just to make the best gaming system in town. I am talking about branding your Windows operating system the way the big boys like Dell and HP do. When you right click you’re My Computer icon and select properties, what do you see? If you have a Dell or HP with the OS that came with it you will see their logo prominently displayed. Why not do the same with your logo, or killer design?

I found this cool little utility a few months ago, and simply fell in love with it. It is called OEM Logo Stamper. Just create your design or logo, fill out the information you want displayed as far as support information (this is really great to help promote your consulting) update the changes and voila! After you stamp your logo, you can uninstall the program.

This is also good if you work in IT, and you have been tasked with creating a custom standard Ghost Image, or RIS distribution of Windows, and your company wants it's brand all over like on the wallpaper, and everything. Why not add your company logo and give the support information for your help desk right there? (Be a hero and propose this to your boss)

It is such a simple program, and yet so much more. Imagine the possibilities if you are a small computer company trying to get your name out there! Now you too can do it the way the big boys do.

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