Mar 20, 2009

Epic Fail 1.0: Comodo AV Defense+

We’ve talked about the Free Comodo AV, Defense+, Internet Security and whatever else it does. I’ve tried it out and used it on a few pc’s especially virtual ones that I abuse the hell out of. But I’m sorry even if it is free I mean come on it’s not 1985 anymore!

Typical exceptions can and should be made for applications BEFORE you send it out to the public. I mean really. Windows Notepad is going to cause an Buffer Overflow attack and crash my pc? Seriously I can deal with some of the odd things that software picks up and says it may harm your pc even though I know that there’s really no chance in hell of that happening but come on, NOTEPAD?!?!? WTF?!?!?

Just put in a damn exception for at least Notepad. Hell I can drop a known Comodo AV Failinfected javascript file into IE and let it run and turn my pc to dust and it won’t say a thing about that till it tries to actually execute some of the stuff it’s downloaded. Oh but it’ll stop that nasty Notepad from executing those every so harmful Text files when opening them via Open With. Watch out “I Love You" the infamous Notepad is here!

By Sundance of

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