Mar 23, 2009

Find all Domains on an IP address

Our IT department and I have been going back and forth on who’s duty is is to get a list of all the domain names from the web server for this big web server move we’re having. Since I am the Web Developer and Semi-Web Admin they felt it was my duty. Now with this server move they will be taking away my admin access to the server and they will be doing all administrative work to it. I will at that point only have access via FTP to the server and that’s it. So I feel that they should have to get this list of domain names as they will be doing all the administration on the server after the move so they should do the work to set it up.

After asking and them (and them taking a day to respond to) if there is an easy way to just look it up by reverse DNS or something and assumed they Googled and looked for a way to do this. They came back and said that there is no easy way to get this info. Also for them to look through our domain name provider for all the DNS entries pointing to the old IP address was just way too long for them to do. I guess me having to go through all the IIS entries and pulling out all the host header names is apparently a little less tedious so to not burn any bridges I decided to do some research.

Of course when I do research I always end up finding more Epic Fails on our network. Like Domain Names being pointed to our web server but the web server not setup for them. Since they don’t really matter I’m just ignoring them. But then I realized there’s no report or export list for advanced DNS settings for all our domain names. So I decided to just do the Obvious. Just Google It!!

And right away I found myIPneighbors. Here you just put in one of your domains and hit search. Next thing you know you got a list of all the sites on your IP Address. This also works great if you have your sites posted on a shared hosting provider to see what other sites could be sucking out your bandwidth. So to find a list of all websites on your IP address or a list of all sites that share an IP with your domain check out

PS: If any of you IT Admins are reading this. No hard feelings. I understand you can’t just Google things. I understand you’re busy or you just don’t know how to use Google search. In case you don’t know how to google, LMGTFY or even LMGTFY.

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