Feb 29, 2008

Reading RSS Feeds On Your Blackberry

I really haven't been all that into RSS personally until recently. Sure, I have my Google Reader set up with a ton of RSS subscriptions, but I rarely went through it. It isn't that I don't like RSS honestly. I think it is a great idea! I mean instead of having to go out to all of your favorite sites to look for updates, you go to your reader, and check for updates all in one place. I once even did a blog post about it here (What is RSS?).

Well since I got my Blackberry things have changed. I installed an RSS reader on my Blackberry pearl, and I find myself reading it all the time. For instance, I went to get my hair cut last night. All the Great Clips had to read were chick magazines like Cosmopolitan, inTouch, and People. I decided I would forgo the scandal rags, and pull out my Blackberry Pearl to catch up on some of my favorite blogs like Ask The Admin, Geeks Are Sexy, Joe Tech, Android Guys, etc. It really made the time go fast while I was waiting to get my ears lowered a bit.

RSS Subscribe Bauer-PowerSince I am in the Blackberry RSS spirit, I thought I would mention a couple of RSS Readers for your Blackberry. The first one, which is the one I am using, is called Viigo. I like Viigo because it allowed me to import all of my RSS subscriptions from Google Reader online from my computer. That was really important, because although I love my Pearl, I don't like typing on it if I don't have to.

Another RSS reader that I just found out about yesterday is called Litefeeds. This is taken directly from Blackberry Freaks:

"Litefeeds is a custom RSS browser for your blackberry device, You can synchronize with your online subscriptions, You can view online full articles images, secure feeds. You can send emails, alerts, blog posts, bookmarks. Optimized for mobile use (cached, compressed)."

If you are a Bloglines user, you are in luck! There is a reader for Blackberry called Berry Bloglines that specifically uses your Bloglines account. You can subscribe via RSS all day long to your Bloglines, then read them later on your Blackberry.

Like for the computer, there are tons of readers for your Blackberry, or other mobile device. Which one(s) do you use? If you don't have a Blackberry, and have a different PDA like the iPhone, Windows Mobile, or Palm, what reader do you use? Let me know in the comments.

By the way, since we are talking about RSS subscriptions, please feel free to subscribe to my RSS feed here: (Subscribe to Bauer-Power)

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