Feb 19, 2008

All Software is Free

From time to time, I mention software that is commercial software that you have to pay for. Sure in most cases there is a free or open source solution that you can use instead of the pay-ware version, but that isn't always an option. If this is the case, what option do you have if you are a thrifty guy, or are on a limited budget?

Arrgghhh me hearty! You hoist the Jolly Roger and go pirating matey!

You can do a search on the internet for bit torrent sites on the internet like The Pirate Bay, or Torrent Spy, but I prefer a quicker method. There are two sites that I recommend for this purpose 9Down, and Nsane Down. Both sites have archives of both freeware and pirated software complete with cracks and patches.

Be careful using such software though, because in many countries the use of such material is illegal and you can find yourself with two hots and a cot in the local slammer.

Discalimer: I don't know the legal aspect of posting this. I am against software piracy and I have NOT installed A SINGLE pirated software on my computer. I have paid for every software I use.

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