Feb 15, 2008

Hard To Wake Up? You Need A Water Gun Alarm Clock

I am a very deep sleeper. I find it extremely hard to wake up in the mornings. I have a special morning ritual that I have been doing for some time that helps me out. I will set my alarm to go off about an hour before I really have to get up. When it goes off I go out to the living room and set an alarm on the microwave to go off every 15 minutes, then I go and sleep on the recliner. The idea is that since I am getting woken up every 15 minutes, and can't ever get too comfortable and I will eventually wake up in time. Most of the time it works.

That may sound a bit drastic. You might ask me, "Why don't you just set your clock ahead?" Well, I tried that, and I end up waking up, doing the math in my head to figure out what time it really is, then I go back to sleep thinking I have ten more minutes. Nope, it just doesn't work for me.

This solution from Howcast may be the thing I am looking for. It is a modded alarm clock that sprays water in your face when the alarm goes off. Check it out:

The watergun trick may be a bit much, even by my standards. It looks like it would sure do the trick though. Do you find it hard to wake up in the morning? What tricks do you do to get out of bed? Let me know in the comments.

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