Feb 2, 2008

Big Brother In America May Already Be Here

You often hear complaints in America about the extensive camera system used in the UK to keep an eye on its citizens. Some Americans feel that it is a blatant violation of privacy. Some Brits feel the same way too. Others think that if you aren't doing anything wrong in the first place you shouldn't worry about it. Either way, the idea of massive camera networks in the United States isn't a very popular idea. What if I told you that they are already here?

A local San Diego News Station, Channel 739, and NBC affiliate did a story Thirsday night on just that. According to the story, the average person is caught on camera 200 times a day! Everywhere you go, there are security cameras in use. Sure, in this case it isn't always the government, but your every action is still being recorded none the less.

For your viewing pleasure, here is the segment I recorded on my Tivo:

How do you feel about this? Did you realize how much of your life is being caught on tape? Do you foresee the U.S. Government getting in on this, and putting up systems like the ones in the U.K.? I want to here your take in the comments!

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