Mar 2, 2008

Security Policies and Procedures

I am in the final weeks of a security policies and procedures class in college. We have three final projects to do before the end of the course. The current project I am working on is developing security policies and procedures for a small business. I decided to go it easy and develop a policy for a fictitious small, local non-profit consisting of five employees, and five volunteers. Only the five employees have computers, and they all share on small business server. Simple right?

you are being monitoredWell anyway, one of the things my professor said was that we do not have to re-invent the wheel with these procedures. That is great news because there are tons of examples online for all sorts of policies and procedures for information security. One of them I want to share with you.

If you ever have to write security policies for your company, I highly recommend checking out SANS. They have a plethora of pre-written policies for information security. Often times they are very generic, and easily customizable for your company. Besides policies, SANS offers other really cool resources such as security white papers, security news, certifications etc.

What resources do you use for writing security policies? Let me know in the comments (I still have two more projects do).

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