Jul 15, 2007

Vista Gadget Bar...On Windows XP!

In a previous blog post I mentioned an entire skin pack to transform Windows XP into a Vista Look-a-like. One of the features of that program is that it installs a side gadget bar just like Windows Vista. I didn't mention that you can get that sidebar by itself though. Well, guess what, You can.

In fact, there is a brand new version of it that has more gadgets that ever before. It is called Thoosje's Side Bar Version 2.0. I'm not sure if they had this feature in the older version (Because I never checked, they may very well have), but now they offer you an option to download and change certain skins of the gadgets.

Some of the gadgets include:

* Clock
* CPU/RAM Monitor
* Local Weather
* Calculator
* Run Gadget (As in click on start > Run)
* Calendar

And so much more! Check it out today!

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