Jul 30, 2007

Norton Ghost 12 VProConsole Error

I was messing around this weekend with Norton ghost 12 on one of my home computers. It would install fine, then after reboot I would get an error saying "VProConsole has encountered an error and needs to close...". I was getting so frustrated, I couldn't see straight. I tried looking on Symantec's website with no luck. I tried a general search on Google for the error, no luck there. Why wasn't this thing working for me?

Well I finally found the answer. I checked my system's event logs and found out that Ghost was crashing because of a problem with .NET Runtime 2.0. I decided to go to Windows updates and check for any missing updates. Sure enough I was missing a patch for .NET Framework 2.0. Of course, with my luck the patch didn't install. I decided plan B for getting my necessary patch. I opened Firefox and went to Windiz Updates. That's right, I didn't misspell that. Windiz updates is a place you can go for Microsoft updates if you are a Firefox user.

Anyway, long story short, I got the patch installed then rebooted. When my machine came back up, Norton Ghost was running like a charm. Now there finally is an article online on how to correct that VProConsole error, because Symantec is too lazy to put something up about it in their knowledge base! (In case you missed it, the fix is to install any missing .NET Framework 2.0 Patches from Microsoft).

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