Jul 31, 2007

Question: Do I need to have AntiVirus Software running on my Linux Machine?

After thinking long and hard about this one I am going to tell you that you SHOULD have some sort of antivirus installed on your Linux distro. It doesn't matter if it is ClamAv, Avast! or any other with a good track record.

And now I am going to tell you why. There are about 100 know Linux viruses out there and they are not be turning up new ones every day like windows viruses BUT they do exist. And not being protected is just stupid. No offense. Actually you can take offense I don't realy care. I personally back up every OS incrementally and run some sort of AV software with heuristics. This should give you some protection from Zero day threats.

Ok ok simmer down. Now onto WHY I think it is very necessary to be protected. I have a question for you:

Do you have insurance? You know medical dental or what not?

Of course you do you would be crazy not to because WHAT IF something happens. This should be your same attitude to computer security. Do you have a lock on your home? How about a security alarm?

Are you following me here? As an Admin I always feel it is better safe then sorry. And especially if it is all because you were SURE that no one could hack into YOUR machine. Now who better to have a try at it than a Linux Guru? It won't be long before the spammers and virus writers get tired of the Windows platform and move on... After all isn't Mac OSX built on Linux?
Hmmm... Gaining the majority of market share might cause some new internest by hackers...

Here is an excerpt from DesktopLinux.com:

Security, and freedom from viruses, has been one of the key selling points for
moving to Linux in the home and for the enterprise. How is Linux at risk from
viruses today? by Keith Peer

Currently there are under 100 native Linux viruses known but in many organizations the fact that a Linux viruses exists is enough reason to install and use Linux antivirus protection on Linux desktops and servers.

Additionaly users of StarOffice and OpenOffice.org have the ability to
open and view Microsoft Office documents that may contain viruses. These viruses
may not infect the Linux computer but the user can easily attach and send these
infected documents unknowingly to someone else
and that is a serious problem.As
system administrators move to Linux files servers they have a real problem to
deal with since the Linux file server can store Windows-based viruses.

Windows-based viruses can write to a Linux/Samba network share as easily as they can on a Microsoft Windows based network. System administrators must protect the Linux server from storing these viruses. The only way is through active
antivirus defense on the Linux server itself. Our Vexira Antivirus for Linux, as
an example, detects not only Linux-based viruses but also Windows and DOS-based
as well, I think the current number of malicious or potentially malicious
applications (viruses, trojans, worms, etc...) we detect is above 74,000

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