Jul 9, 2007

Another Good FREE Defragger

Some people may think I am a little weird for doing this, but hey, it works for me. I am a very deep sleeper. I have been known to sleep right through the alarm clock if I am tired enough. I am also a chronic snooze button pusher. Anyway, a few years ago I developed a system where I set my alarm to wake me up an hour before I have to start getting ready, then I walk out into the front room and set the egg timer on the microwave for fifteen minutes then I go and crash on the recliner. Every fifteen minutes I get up to reset the alarm for another fifteen minutes. This lets me not get into such a deep sleep that I cannot wake up, and I eventually get sick of doing this and start getting ready. Anyway, I got out of bed this morning at 4:30 to begin my morning ritual. When I got out to the recliner, I layed there for 10 minutes wide awake. I decided to give up and went to the computer to do a little surfing. While doing this surfing I came across a new FREE third part defrag utility that I am going to share with you.

I previously blogged about a free defrag utility I use called DIRMS which is cool because you can write a batch file and set a scheduled task to run it. The only problem with that is most average people don't understand command line, and even more don't know what a batch file is. The average user wants a GUI based defrag utility where they can see some progress being made. They also want something they can set and forget without too much hassle. I think I found that program for them, and like just about everything I recommend, it is free because it is open source.

This utility is called JKDefrag Gui. You can use it as a stand alone executable and run it from your USB drive if you want, or you can install it. Either way, scheduling is a snap. you just click on the scheduling tab, select the days you want it to run, and the time and you are all set. It even has a screen saver that defrags your hard drive every time you are away from your desk. You literally don't have to think about defragging anymore! That is great, because if you are like me, you probably don't want to have to think more than you already have to.

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