Sep 11, 2014

How To Remove A Password or Security Restriction From a PDF Document

The other day I had to send a letter out and I wanted to include another PDF along with my letter. I wanted to combine both documents into one single PDF. The trouble was that the PDF I wanted to include had a security restriction preventing it from being printed for some reason.

I needed that restriction removed if I was going to combine both documents into one easy to use PDF. Well I found a simple website that will remove the restriction for you. It will also remove any passwords on PDF's if they have one. It's called PDFUnlock!

To remove the restriction I uploaded the original, and after only a few seconds a pop-up to download the unlocked version was ready to go! After downloading the original version I was able to combine the documents like I needed to!

After combining the two I was able to add my own restriction to prevent if from printing (Although you can see it is almost pointless) so we were back to the same level of "security" we had before.

Have you used a tool like this to unlock or remove PDF passwords? If so, what did you use? Did it cost money? Was it free? Let us know in the comments!

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