Sep 15, 2014

How To Add Barcodes To Envelopes in Microsoft Word

For years I've used Microsoft Word to prepare envelopes for mailing. It is pretty easy to do, and generally gives your letters a little more of a professional polish than handwriting addresses, or even using rubber stamps.

Before Office 2007, you used to be able to type in an address and easily add a POSTNET barcode to your labels, but according to Microsoft's KB897290 that codes is now obsolete, and so they stopped including it in the Microsoft Office Suite. This doesn't mean you can't still do add it, it just means you need to do it slightly differently.

The following was tested in Microsoft Office 2010, and I'm sure the process is similar in Microsoft Office2013 (If it isn't, let us know in the comments).

  • Download and install
  • In Microsoft Word go to Mailings > Envelopes and enter your delivery and return addresses like usual, then click Add to Document.
  •  Set your cursor under the delivery address, and go to Insert > Quick Parts > Field
  •  Select BarCode and check the Bar code is US zip code check box, then enter in the delivery zip code then click OK.

  • A new barcode will now be shown beneath your delivery address, and you can print like usual.
  • Here is a picture of mine, of course it looks jacked up because my printer's envelope feed is poorly designed, but what can you do right?

Did this help you out in your mailing tasks? Let us know in the comments!

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