Sep 9, 2014

Amazon CPM is definitely the closest you will get to Google Adsense revenue

So I mentioned the other day that I thought Amazon's new CPM advertising network was the best Adsense alternative yet, and I wanted to give an update on that with some numbers you could see and compare them to Technorati Ads which I had thought was the best up until now.

It is only 9 days in this month and already I've made $13.13, and here are my earnings for the last 30 days:

Now it certainly wasn't what I was making with Adsense, but it is starting to get pretty close. I've only had Amazon CPM for less than a month now and already the daily average is getting close to what I used to see with Adsense when I first started using it. My traffic has also declined a lot since my Adsense days because since I wasn't making that much from the blog anymore, I stopped blogging as much. Since I'm not blogging that much, that means less fresh content and that means less traffic.

Here is a report from Technorati for my performance in June when I was pretty much using them exclusively:

It may be a bit hard to read, but I didn't even make $8.00 from Technorati, and my CPM was only $0.17. Pretty pathetic right? Amazon is clearly the winner in the advertising revenue department when you are looking for an Adsense Alternative!

My only issue with Amazon CPM ads right now is that they only offer the following ad sizes which don't all fit everyone's blog templates:

I have had the opportunity to chat with the Amazon CPM team since this is a new product they have and they wanted my feedback. I let them know that having more ad sizes would be nice so you can put them in more places on a website.

What do you think so far? Are you going to give Amazon CPM a shot? Let us know in the comments!

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