Nov 13, 2013

How To Torrent TV Shows Via RSS Using Deluge

I mentioned the other day that I preferred Ktorrent over Deluge for RSS Bittorrent downloads. Well I lied. I found Ktorrent to be way more resource intensive as Deluge, so I switched back. I also said Deluge's RSS plugin didn't work well for me. That was because I wasn't doing it right. That's where this article comes in.

I'm sure many of you want to download your favorite TV shows using a service like ShowRSS on Linux, but don't know how. Or you see tutorials on using Flexget and another client, and it seems too complicated. Well, you're not alone.

Using Deluge to download torrents via RSS is actually pretty easy, and here's how you do it.

  • Download the YaRSS2 Plugin
  • In Deluge Click Edit > Preferences > Plugins
  • Click Install Plugin and browse to the YaRSS2 .egg file you downloaded in the first step.
  • Check the box next to YaRSS2 in the plugins list then click Apply to activate it
  • In the left pannel you will now see YaRSS2, click on it
  • On the right click on the RSS Feeds tab
  • Click Add Feed
  • Enter a name and the URL for your feed then click Save

  • Click on the Subscription Tab
  • Click Add Subscription
  • Enter a name, select the feed you just added, and enter any filters you want
  • Click on the Options tab to change download locations
  • When you are done click Save
  • Now under the Subscriptions list, right click the subscription you just made and click Run this subscription
Now you will notice that your torrents will begin downloading. Deluge is smart enough to record the time stamp of the last download too so that it doesn't accidentally download the same file twice.

That's it! Just go through this process for any other shows you want to download, and you are good to go. No text config files to edit, nothing! Just pure Torrent RSS Downloading!
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