Nov 21, 2013

An Update on Greylisting in iRedmail

I mentioned the other day that I disabled greylisting on my email server because Cluebringer was greylisting MX Guard Dog's smtp servers. Well ever since I did that I've been getting a lot of spam again.

I figured out how I can keep greylisting enabled, and white list individual IP's.

What I did was I opened up /var/log/mail.log and searched for action=reject. I found a string similar to this:

module=Greylisting, action=reject, host=,
I copied the IP address then went into my Cluebringer administration page at https://mainserver/cluebringer. I logged in with my iRedmail admin credentials and on the left I found Greylisting Whitelist. In there I added the host IP to the white list, then set disabled to no.

After that I restarted the Cluebringer daemon by running:
service postfix-cluebringer restart
After that email started flowing correcly again, yet I get to keep the protection of greylisting enabled! Win win!
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