Nov 20, 2013

How To Disable Greylisting in iRedMail v0.2.1

As I mentioned last week I started using MXGuardDog as a cloud based spam filter, and it's been working great! The problem I recently encountered though was that my mail server was greylisting MXGuardDog's smtp servers for some reason, and mailflow was affected.

I am using iRedMail for my email server and it has built in spam filtering using Amavis, but it rather sucks. Ever since I setup this mail server I've been bombarded with spam! That is why I switched to MXGuardDog, which has been doing a great job thwarting spam.

So like I said though, people started reporting bounce-backs with an error message that said:

Recipient address rejected: Greylisting in effect, sending server blacklisted
I figured since I'm using MXGuardDog I didn't really need the greylisting feature after all, so this is what I did to turn it off:
  • Edited  /etc/cluebringer/cluebringer.conf
  • Changed

    # Greylisting module


    # Greylisting module
Then I restarted the postfix-cluebringer daemon to make the change take effect!
sudo service postfix-cluebringer restart
After that mailflow worked again, and I let MXGuardJob do it's job.
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