Nov 15, 2013

Free Cloud Email Spam Filter

A few months ago when the first of the Edward Snowden leaks came out I ditched my Google Apps email account and went with my own hosted email server using iRedmail. It's worked out pretty good, but the built-in Amavis spam filter isn't the greatest.

In fact, since I switched to my own email server, spam has gone up dramatically. It kind of sucks really. It almost made me want to tuck tail and go back to Google... Almost.

Well I found a possible solution. It's called MXGuardDog, and it's a cloud based junk email filter. What's more is that it's free!

From their page:
MX Guarddog offers email protection to deal with modern email challenges.

Spam and virus protection for businesses, organizations, and Internet domain name owners.

MX Guarddog will filter incoming email, forwarding only clean email to your mailboxes - for free! 
All they ask for their free service is for your to add hyper-links to their site from one or more of your sites. This in turn generates credits for you to keep using their services for free. One credit is consumed monthly for every email address defined at your domain. For example, 10 email addresses = 10 credits each month. Alternatively you can purchase credits for as little as $4 per credit.

I just set it up today, so I can't tell you how well it works, but it certainly sounds promising. I'll be sure to give you all an update after I've given it a spin for a little while!

What do you currently use for spam filtering? Let us know in the comments!
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