Oct 25, 2013

More Ubuntu Sticker Action Shots!

As most of you know, I offer FREE Powered By Ubuntu stickers. I now offer two ways for you to get them. You can send me a self addressed stamped envelope, or you can just Paypal me the postage.

On the ones where people Paypal me, I am able to email them back when I mail out the stickers. I always ask for pictures of their setups in my email so I can share them here on the blog! Not too many people want to take the time for that, but a few do.

Here are the latest from Jaakko of Finland!

HTPC setup using XBMCUbuntu with a
mini-ITX Fractal Design Node 304 case

Antec 300 case workstation running Ubuntu, used for
Java/PHP/C/Bash dev work and occasional gaming
What do you think? Looks pretty rad right? It's certainly better than those Windows 7 or Windows 8 stickers that come with new machines.

Want some stickers? Click here! Tell your friends!
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