Oct 10, 2013

Cheap VPN Service For Torrenting and Protecting Your Anonymity Online

MPAA doesn't appreciate Ars Technica's decided...
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Well it finally happened to me. After years of torrenting I finally received a notice from my ISP that I had violated a copyright or two. Well, more specifically my dad received the notice because I was torrenting at his house... Anyway, that's neither here nor there.

I have been using PeerBlock for a long time, but apparently it wasn't good enough, and the MPAA's third party company contacted my parent's ISP (SkyBeam) about the infringement. They didn't threaten any particular actions, it was just a notice. Although I'm sure future infractions would result in my parent's Internet being shut off.

Anyway, at first I considered configuring my torrent clients to use Tor, but apparently that is a bad idea. Another alternative a friend of mine suggested was to ditch Bittorrent and use Usenet. He uses a Usenet service with Sick Beard and pays $10 per month. Well I found something cheaper, a private VPN service!

There are many VPN services out there that protect your information. I settled on TorrentPrivacy though because if you pay annually, it comes out to only $3.99 per month! Plus they were listed on Torrent Freak's 2013 list of VPN's that actually protect your privacy.

TorrentPrivacy works on Linux, Windows and Mac. They offer both OpenVPN connections and PPTP. I had some issues setting it up at first, but that was because PeerBlock was blocking the connection. Once I allowed it, everything was fine.

Bam! Now try to snoop on me SkyBeam! Suck on it MPAA!

Do you use a private VPN service? If so, which one? Why did you choose it? Let us know in the comments.
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