Oct 29, 2013

Free Program To Share Your Screen in Ubuntu Linux

I recently sold my house in Escondido, California and moved back to my home state of Colorado. The cool thing about my move is that my employer in California let me keep my job and just work remotely. Everything has been going pretty well.

One thing that has happened with my company is that we recently brought on a new CEO. My boss has scheduled a time with me to give him a presentation on our infrastructure and security program. That means I have to give a Power Point presentation... remotely.

In Windows I like to use the free tool Join.me, but they don't support Linux. That's a problem because I am running Bauer-Puntu Linux as my work operating system. I needed something else, and I found it!

It's called Mikogo, and It's free for personal use! Here's a video from their page:

So I tested it out with my Desktop tech Frank "The Tank" and it works great. You can join a session by browsing to https://go.mikogo.com and entering in a session number. Of course if you are just using HTML version you can't control the presenter's desktop, but you can if you download the free program.

Mikogo is supported in Windows, Linux and Mac. Here's a list of their download links:

Now that I have Mikogo, I can share my Power Point (Actually Libre Office Impress) presentation with the new CEO from my home office in Colorado!

What do you use to share your screen on Linux? Let us know in the comments!
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