Jun 6, 2013

Want A '4K TV'? You Should, Here's Why

Just when you think there is no possible way technology could advance any further, manufacturers come out with some new gadget that blows your mind away. Such is the case with the 4K TV, otherwise known as the new big deal in entertainment.

What Is A 4K Television?

Essentially, the term 4K is used to denote any television with a resolution of four times the usual HD resolution, or in many cases still greater. The minimum resolution that can still be considered a 4K television is 3840 X 2160. As many newer 4Ks go well beyond this resolution, viewers will often also refer to other TVs with resolutions in the 4000 range as 4Ks. The official label for this type of television is Ultra HD, so consumers may occasionally hear the two names interchanged with one another.
Models of this type of television released thus far have all been quite large, with the most notable version probably being the 84-inch Sony XBR, says www.Forbes.com. However, Sony has made headway with the release of a smaller, 55-inch model and other television manufacturers are looking to follow suit.

4K Vs Traditional HD Televisions

Despite popular misconception, the 4K television is not the same as the traditional HD. As explained earlier, the 4K or Ultra HD comes with a resolution that is at least four times higher than that of the typical HD television. While the picture on many of today's HD televisions is quite impressive, it does not even come close to approaching the quality of the images on an Ultra HD screen. Thus, for the television enthusiast hoping for the clearest image possible, the 4K is definitely the way to go.

Compatibility Issues

A number of consumers have expressed interest in purchasing 4K TVs but also worry that these televisions will not be compatible with their favorite forms of media. This is a valid concern that is already being addressed by electronics manufacturers and streaming services alike.
In the realm of cable, satellite and video streaming, a number of companies have expressed an eagerness to adapt their services for the 4K television owner. DirecTV in particular has shown enthusiasm, says http://www.ClearTVBundle.com, with the provider having made a clear commitment to this small niche in the television market. This commitment comes in the form of several trademark applications made for 4K, 4KNET, 4KN, 4K Network and 4KNetwork. Clearly, DirecTV foresees a promising future in the world of 4K television, for its leaders would not take such a risk in obtaining so many trademarks for a cause they did not feel was worthwhile. However, the company's spokesman insists that DirecTV remains in the exploratory stages and is not about to release any new 4K technology just yet.
Intel is also looking to get in on the 4K TV trend, with the electronics manufacturer recently having announced plans for a new version of the Haswell processor that will support 4K resolution. Even better, Intel is also busy putting together a set-top box that may serve as the first true 4K media device. With this gadget, users would finally be able to stream content to Ultra HD televisions in the 4K resolution they have awaited for so long. Leaders at Intel believe that there is a real possibility of a set-top box being released soon, which means that other companies likely would not be far behind.
All the current data suggests that 4K will be the next great thing in entertainment technology. If you have not already thought about investing in this great television, you may want to start giving it some serious consideration!
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