Jun 19, 2013

How To Create A Backup System Image In Windows 8

Last Saturday I wanted to test the latest edition of Bauer-Puntu on my laptop at home. Normally I would have just wiped my laptop without a second though and installed Bauer-Puntu. The problem this time is that my wife has commandeered my laptop, and it is running Windows 8.

I can't just wipe it or she'll be pissed. No, I needed to backup the whole thing to an external drive so I can restore it after I was done testing.

In Windows 7 I would just go into Backup and Restore in the control panel, but that is missing in Windows 8. So where did they put it? You won't believe this cap, but they placed it in an area called Windows 7 File Recovery.

Anyway, once you go in there you can create a system image like you did in Windows 7 by clicking on Create A System Image and following the wizard.

Does anyone know why Microsoft needs to change things for the sake of change? Let me know in the comments.
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