Jun 25, 2013

Monitor Your Public Facing Servers For Free With UptimeRobot

Still on the kick of talking about my new anti-NSA email server, I wanted to tell you about monitoring it. I found a public service that lets me keep an eye on my email server 24/7 in five minute intervals all for free.

It's called UptimeRobot. I used to use Monitor.us, but their free service only checks if your server is up every 30 minutes. A server could easily be rebooted during that time and you would never know. With UptimeRobot, it checks on whatever service you want every five minutes.

Plus it can notify you in several ways including Email, SMS, RSS or Twitter. That is particularly handy if the thing you are monitoring is an email server like me, and you need an alternative way to be notified.

The free version allows you to monitor up to 50 sites or services. You can monitor they with HTTP/HTTPS, Ping or specifying a TCP port. You can also supply login credentials if the service you are checking requires a login.

What do you use to monitor your websites or public servers? Is it free? Let us know what you use in the comments.
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