Jun 27, 2013

Are Your Running Microsoft Windows? The NSA Has Backdoor Access

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In a chilling, yet somehow unsurprising report I read on Monday it turns out that no matter how well you think you've locked down your Windows workstation or server, the NSA can still easily get into it. Why? Because Microsoft has been building backdoor's into their operating system since Windows 95.

From WND:
The National Security Agency has backdoor access to all Windows software since the release of Windows 95, according to informed sources, a development which follows the insistence by the agency and federal law enforcement for backdoor “keys” to any encryption, according to a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin. 
Having such “keys” is essential for the export of any encryption allowed under U.S. export control laws to foreign users. 
...Computer security specialists say that the Windows software driver used for security and encryption functions contains unusual features which give NSA that backdoor access. 
These security specialists have identified the driver as ADVAPI.DLL. It enables and controls a variety of security functions. These specialists say that on Windows, it is located at C:\Windows\system directory of anyone’s computer that uses Windows software. 
Nicko van Someren says the driver contains two different keys. One was used by Microsoft to control cryptographic functions in Windows while another initially remained a mystery. 
Then, two weeks ago, a U.S. security firm concluded that the second key belonged to NSA. Analysis of the driver revealed that one was labeled KEY while the other was labeled NSAKEY, according to sources. The NSA key apparently had been built into the software by Microsoft, which Microsoft sources don’t deny.
Also it is now known that with the PRISM system that Google and Apple have also given the NSA access to your "free" email. It is probably a safe bet that if you are using a computer running Apple's OSX, or Google's Chrome OS, that the NSA has a backdoor into those as well.

I recommend switching over to Bauer-Puntu Linux. It's open source, and built on Xubuntu. If you can read code, you can download the source for Xubuntu yourself to see if there's a backdoor. It also comes pre-installed with different encryption and privacy options to keep the NSA off your back.
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