May 24, 2012

Yahoo Trying To Stay Relevant With Axis

You may have heard that Yahoo has come out with a new browser called Axis. Well that is really a load of horse hockey. It' isn’t so much of a browser like Google Chrome, of Mozilla Firefox. It’s a plugin for your current browser that is supposed to revolutionize how you view and search the web. For iPhone and iPad users, Axis is available as a standalone app.

Some of the things that Axis allows you to do is sync preferences across all your devices that run Axis, and has a search bar in the lower part of your screen that when you type in it brings up a larger bar full of suggestions.

From PCWorld:

As you start typing, the bar is raised and displays underneath a list of suggested search terms and towards the right it will display horizontally scrolling thumbnails of the pages in the search results, while sites without thumbnails will show just text. The thumbnails are quite blurry and low res. Once you click on the page you want to see, the bar retracts and you can get it back up by just clicking on it.

If you sign in with your Yahoo, Facebook or Google credentials, you can set up your favorites and Axis will remember the pages you visited so you can pick up where you left off from an iPad or iPhone in the Read Later folder.

Watch the demo video from Yahoo:

What’s my take on this? Yahoo has managed to take a basic search  toolbar, that although may be annoying is relatively unobtrusive, and blow that bastard up to take over your entire screen! Plus the syncing of settings and preferences between devices? They already had that with Google Chrome. Why would one need a plugin for Chrome when that function is already built in?

Maybe I’m wrong about this, but to me I think it’s a play from Yahoo to try to stay relevant in the search engine market place. Am I wrong? What do you think about Axis? Let us know in the comments!

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