May 22, 2012

Awesome Free Alternative to GoToMeeting

My poor, poor users. We used to use GoToMeeting at my company, but renewing the annual license was going to be astronomical. At least astronomical for a small company trying to make it in this crazy world. Anyway, long story short, our CFO put the kibosh on GoToMeeting because it was super expeensive, and we were already paying for Office365 from Microsoft which comes with Lync and Live Meeting.

Well my users friggin' HATE Live Meeting. Like most Microsoft products, it is designed to work on Microsoft platforms. Well our sales people happen to sell to real estate brokers, and other small business owners that prefer to use Mac, and Live Meeting works as smooth as sandpaper on Mac. My desk is right by the sales area so I am in earshot of their constant complaints.

Not wanting to hear anymore bitching, but also not wanting to go against the CFO's wishes, I saught after a free alternative to GoToMeeting that was simple to use and worked on any platform, or at least Windows and Mac. I found one, and it is mindblowing how simple it is to use.


gotomeeting alternative

It's called Windows and Mac users wishing to schedule a meeting just download a simple self running executable, and it generates a meeting code. The meeting organizer can then either IM the person they wish to share their desktop out with a link, or they can just read them a meeting code that the attendee can type into the Join box on the website. The attendee views the desktop through their browser without installing a damn thing! Simple right?

Know of any other free desktop sharing/meeting tools? Are they add supported? isn't. What do you use? Let us know in the comments. tags:       



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