May 23, 2012

Contest Time: Bauer-Power Needs More Facebook Friends

It's been quite the while since I've held a contest here, and figured it was about time I did it again. I have thought about it, and I just don't feel like I have enough friends on Facebook. Well, I should say I don't feel that the blog has enough friends on Facebook. Right now we have 193 good pals that follow us, but I would like to push that number up to at least 500. For that, I feel a little bribery is in order.

Therefore I will have a contest here to inspire you all to be friends of Bauer-Power by liking us on Facebook. The winners (Yes I said winners) will get some free schwag from Bauer-Power Gear! Now before you scoff at that, we have some pretty cool stuff that you may actually want. In fact, I will be making available for the first prize, a free t-Shirt which are surprisingly good sellers. All you have to do to enter is like us on Facebook, then post the following on our wall:

I love Bauer-Power, now give me my prize!

That's it! We'll see the post and enter you into the drawing to win. First prize will be a Bauer-Power Gear T-Shirt of your choice. Here are some examples:

bauer-power gear
Full T-Shirt Inventory Here

Second place winners will get either a 4 GB Bauer-Power USB drive, or a Tech Chop netbook case. Their choice!

Bauer-Power Gear USB

Finally, third place winners will get a free coffee mug of their choice!

Bauer-Power Coffee Mugs
Full Mug Inventory Here

Once again, entering is easy! Just like our Facebook page here: (Bauer-Power on Facebook)
And write the following on our wall:

I love Bauer-Power, now give me my prize!

Winners will be announced on our Facebook page on July 30th 2012. Now spread the word, and get yourself some free stuff! 

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