May 25, 2012

Best Use of Twitter Ever! @TomLeykis Starts #TweetYourTeats TODAY!

Sweet baby Jesus this is a great day. The reason? Former radio mogul, and current podcast master Tom Leykis is taking his infamous "Flash Friday" to Twitter starting today at 3:00PM Pacific. What does this mean? Well, it means there will be a lot of happy male tweeple out there!

You see, Flash Friday was something Tom Leykis did on the radio. On Friday's, while he was on the radio he would have his listeners turn on their headlights. If you were a female listener to Tom Leykis you were encouraged to show your breasts to guys driving with their headlights on. While that was all going on Tom would have guys who were seeing the breasts out in public call in reporting on what they were seeing. Also the lady listeners who participated would call in and to tell where their tatas could be seen. It was beautiful!

Anyway, since Tom has moved to the Internet less people randomly listen to the radio, and ladies aren't as aware of Flash Friday as they used to. To combat this issue, Tom Leykis announced via twitter that Flash Friday is moving to Twitter via a little thing he calls #TweetYourTeats!

Here is the what the Tweet said:

Tom talked about it on his Thursday podcast yesterday right before he got into his Leykis 101 piece and had listeners call in to discuss #TweetYourTeats. Many male callers, as one can expect, were completely on board. Some were concerned about legal issues, and some called in thinking it wouldn't work at all. Some ladies called in saying they would participate, but were going to setup fake Twitter accounts specifically to show off their "goods".

You can listen to Tom Leykis live Monday through Friday from 3PM-6PM Pacific on or using the Tunein app on your smart phone.

What do you think about this? Is this a great use for Twitter or what? Are you going to check it out? Let us know what you think about this in the comments!

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