May 11, 2012

How to Make a Mac OSX Lion Installation USB Flash Drive or DVD

As many of you know I have a monthly video tech podcast called Tech Chop that is a part of the Tech Podcast Network (TPN). If you've never heard of the TPN it's a really great resource for a plethora of both audio and video podcasts on all things related to technology and awesome geekiness. One of my sister shows on the audio only side is called MHF Tech Broadcasting from the United Kingdom.

On their site they have all sorts of great articles, and how-to posts along with their podcasts. We sort of did a quick trade between shows in the name of synergy. I told them I would re-post one of their shows on Bauer-Power if they would re-post one of my Tech Chop shows. Well here is my end of the bargain :-)
In this episode of MHF How-To's, Adi explains how to make a Mac OSX Lion Install USB Drive. Check it out!

If you want to hear more great shows from MHF, visit their website here: (MHF Tech)

You can also hear them, and other shows like Tech Chop on the TPN app for Android! tags:          

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