Apr 4, 2012

Alternative Email Client For Android

A few weeks ago I was talking about a really great custom ICS themed ROM based on CM7 custom firmware. Although it really was pretty cool after a while I started to notice weird quirky little issues on my Evo 4G. For instance I have a bluetooth speaker phone in my car that I like to connect my phone to for hands free calls and to stream Pandora through my car's radio. That worked fine, but when I disconnected from the bluetooth device, the speaker would stop working on my phone until I rebooted. There were a number of little gotchas like that so i decided to go back to the stock ROM and re-root it.

The thing I really really liked about the custom ROM though was the email application that came with it. It allowed me to check multiple emails in my inbox and mark them all as read. The default HTC email client doesn't do that. Plus the one from the CM7 ROM also supports Microsoft Exchange. The trouble is you can't find it in the Android Market anywhere. Well I found a copy that was extracted from the CM7 Zip file. it's just the Email.apk file, but that's all you need. You can download that bad boy from here: (Android Email With Exchange Email.apk)

To install it, copy the apk file to your SD card, and install it with the AppInstaller app fromt he Android market. Simple! I hope you enjoy it!

If you want to remove the HTC Email app you can using another tool from the Android Market called SystemAPK Manager.

Incidentally, you can just install the ICS Launcher from the Android Market to give your Evo that ICS look and feel.

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