Apr 13, 2012

Microsoft Attacking Linux At The Retail Level

I was browsing the Internet today while waiting for some installs to finish on a QA server I was setting up at work and ran into something pretty interesting. Interesting, yet completely not surprising. It was a forum post from a Best Buy worker who took some screen shots of one of his self-paced company training courses for their Microsoft ExpertZone program.

The screen shots are from Microsoft showing sales people how to better sell Microsoft, and give them some shady information to tell consumers about Linux. A lot of it is just plain false as you will see. Here are some of the screen shots:











As you can see, lots of these are just plain stupid. I mean Linux being safer than Windows is a myth? Bull shit! How many virus outbreaks do you find on Linux? Just about none! Linux is hard to update and upgrade? Ever use Ubuntu? sudo apt-get upgrade is all you need their pal!

Obviously this nonsense will work for those consumers who are computer illiterate, but then again many of them have never heard of Linux in the first place, so I guess it doesn’t matter. Just the fact that Microsoft felt they have to give this kind of training should probably be considered flattering for Linux. Obviously they are posing a great enough threat to the Microsoft status quo that Microsoft felt they had to disseminate this propaganda.

What do you think of these screen shots? Let us know your feeling on this in the comments!

[Via Overclock]

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