Apr 19, 2012

Help The EFF Stop Cyber Spying in America

Just a few months ago I was railing on the internet about a bill that was trying to get pushed through congress called SOPA, or the Stop Online Piracy Act. Well the Internet spoke out on that and bombarded our representatives with emails and phone calls asking for them to oppose that horrific bill that would have stifled our first amendment rights on the Internet. Well just like a Hydra, when you cut off one nasty head two more take it's place, a new bill that is even worse than SOPA is trying to get passed into law. It's known as CISPA, or the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. What it will effectively do is force businessses like Facebook and Google to spy on your online activity and hand it over to the government without a warrant. It's seriously starting to look like George Orwell's 1984 in this once great land! It's starting to look like North Korea!

You have to know what is happening, and you have to help stop it! The non-profit group, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, or the EFF has setup a website where you can easily fill out an online form to contact your representatives and ask them to oppose these bills. If you do nothing, you are allowing yourself to be subjected to tyranny! If you don't know what CISPA is, check out this infographic:


Stop CISPA Infographic


To find out more on how you can have a voice in this issue, and help stop this threat from our very own Government, click here: (Stop Cyber Spying)

Please, help spread the word!

Also check out this quick video I threw together to help out another group fighting for our liberties online called DemandProgress.org:

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