Apr 26, 2012

Bauer-Puntu Plymouth Splash Theme

I mentioned the other day that there will more than likely be a Bauer-Puntu 12.04 Linux release. I skipped 11.10 because the tool I use for building the custom distro went away for a little while, but now they are back. If they're back, I'm back!

Anyhoo, Ubuntu 12.04 drops today which means that I am most likely working on Bauer-Puntu while you read this. It also means that it should be available in the next few days. That bing said, if you just can't possibly wait for the hacking goodness that is Bauer-Puntu, then you can at least download the new bauer-Puntu Plymouth splash theme I created for Bauer-Puntu 12.04 here: (Bauer-Puntu Plymouth Splash)

Check out a screen shot of it:

Bauer-Puntu Linux 12.04

You like it? How about my little ode to Anonymous? I hope those guys don't get pissed and DDoS Bauer-Power because of it :-) I'm doing it out of complete respect.

You can go ahead and install that splash theme now. Otherwise, you can just wait patiently a little longer for Bauer-Puntu 12.04 to arrive.

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