Oct 30, 2009

Make your own Engrish

We’ve all seen Engrish.com where Japanese or other countries have some Epic Fails when it comes to English translations. Like the Computer Gaming system “Game in Home Computer. Lets Play Game. Everybody gets off.” or the plastic bag that says “Keep the reach out of children. Do not put the plastic bag in your head to prevent from suffocating.”

Now I know that Engrish.com has a Create your own Engrish. But all it does is tell you to go to babblefish and do it all manually. Who wants to do things manually these days? Not me that’s for sure. So I came across Translation Party.


At Translation Party you just type in any English Phrase and click the button and watch it go. For example it took the phrase You’re about to leave? and turned it into “if so, why stay in this hotel?” the best part is when you randomly start talking to someone completely in Engrish. Of course don’t tell them what you’re doing and sit back and let the laughs come rolling out of your own mouth.

Disclaimer: Laughing by yourself loudly in your office all alone and speaking to people in Engrish may make people think you’re crazy.

By TheEpicChocobo of Make Me A Sammich

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