Oct 22, 2009

Exchange 2007: Offline Address Book Not Moving from ExchangeOAB to OAB

Hi all, once again sorry for not updating as regularly as I should. This new job of mine keeps me really, really busy. One of the things I am working on now is migrating users from one Exchange 2007 server to another. During this process I have had to troubleshoot many different things. Hopefully I can find time to write about all of the things I discovered in later posts, but in this post I will talk about something I noticed with the offline address book.

My problem was that when I generated a new address book on the new server the folder with the GUID name wasn’t being created in my \Exchange Server\Client Access\OAB directory. If your users use Outlook 2007, then they download the updated address book from the web, from that directory. If that directory isn’t getting populated by Exchange, you are going to have Offline Address book issues.

If you didn’t already know, when Exchange 2007 generated an offline address book, it creates a copy in \Exchange Server\ExchangeOAB and moves it over to \Exchange Server\Client Access\OAB when it is done. Well it wasn’t doing that on my server.

To fix that, what I had to do was remove the folder with the GUID name from \Exchange Server\Client Access\OAB on both of our Exchange 2007 servers, the restart the MSExchangeFDS service on both servers:

c:\>net stop MSExchangeFDS

c:\>net start MSExchangeFDS

After I restarted the service, the \Exchange Server\Client Access\OAB populated correctly.

What kind of Exchange issues are you seeing in your environment? I have been doing so much research with Exchange lately, maybe I can point you in the right direction. Hit me up in the comments.

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