Oct 9, 2009

Installing IE6, IE7 or IE8 on any OS (Windows 7, OS X or Ubuntu)

Ok, so this isn’t exactly installing IE6 natively on Windows 7, OS X or Linux but it’s probably a better solution than actually trying to run IE6 natively on Windows 7, OS X or Linux. First things first. Go to:


Download your preferred package IE6-XPSP3.EXE, IE7-XPSP3.EXE or IE8-XPSP3.EXE.

So you’re prob thinking, “umm… dude, OS X and Linux don’t run EXE files dumbass!!” Well you’re pretty much right. Luckily these are really just Zip files so swap out the .exe for .zip or just extract the exe file itself.


Windows: Just run the exe file and install it wherever.

Ubuntu: unrar it using unrar e IE6-XPSP3.EXE XP_SP3_IE6/ in the console

OS X: load the file using Zipeg and extract the .vhd file to your hard drive.

Virtual Box

Install Virtual Box if you don’t have it already.

Add the VHD file as a Hard Drive and then create a new XP machine and use that VHD file.

Since this virtual drive was meant for M$ virtual software it won’t have all the drivers you need off hand. So boot up the virtual system and close out of all the stupid prompts when they come up.

Click on Devices in the main Virtual Box window and choose Install Guest Additions.

Run through that setup and reboot when it asks you to.

When it get back up close out of all the popups again and click Start –> Run and type CMD and hit OK.

in there paste

D:\VBoxWindowsAdditions-x86.exe /extract /D=C:\Drivers

and press enter. that’ll extract those into the C:\Drivers directory.

Now click Start –> Right Click on My Computer –> Properties –> Hardware Tab –> Device Manager

Right Click on the Ethernet Controller and chose Update Driver.

When it prompts you for a Windows Disk just paste or browse to C:\Drivers\x86\Network\AMD and choose the Continue Anyway option whenever it comes up.


Now you’re good. Open your fancy IE6 and hate your life even more. :)

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