Oct 23, 2009

The Exchange 2007 Autodiscover Song

As I mentioned in the previous post, I have been doing a lot of work and research with Exchange 2007 recently. I managed to get all of our outstanding issues resolved, which is a huge load off my shoulders. I hope to share with you some of the stuff I figured out in future posts when i have some time to write them up.

In the mean time, lets talk about Autodiscover. Autodiscover is a new feature to Exchange 2007 that allows clients to automatically figure out their settings. It also helps clients to figure out how to get information like Offline Address Books, where to go for out of office information etc. It is so important that one Exchange developer decided to write a song about it. Here it is, the Autodiscover Song!


>>There is no other
>>Way to decide
>>Where your mailbox is stored

>>Your sister and brother
>>Exchange Admin and mother
>>Will be proud if you do

You may be tempted to wing it
Use a hardcoded link submit it
But performance will suffer
When you're left to your druthers
Should have Autodiscovered
Then all would be well

Call it once for each mailbox of interest
Pair the link and mailbox for each request
If you encounter errors
Refresh once again
For more information search M-S-D-N for

Exchange won't exist in a bubble
If you think that it will you're in trouble
Add a site, one or two
And your perf will be through
Unless you step up and decide that your app will just...

Just AutoDiscover for me.
It's just plain XML

- David Sterling
Senior Software Development Engineer - EWS

If you are feeling really geeky, you can download the recorded version here: (Autodiscover Song Download)

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