Oct 29, 2009

Firebug in IE or on the Go

Yes folks. One of the best Add-Ons for Firefox has an On The Go version. That is Firebug Lite!!! So I’ve actually known about this for quite some time but I’m just finally now getting around to talking about it. The nice thing about Firebug Lite is that you can just set a bookmarklet in any browser and bam, you got Firebug. They have tested this in IE, Opera and Safari.

Now of course it’s not as good as the original Firefox Add-On so by no means is this meant to be a replacement, but does help especially for any of you that are forced to be stuck on IE6 or to making sure that websites still look good in IE6 this is a must.

With some of the latest updates to Firebug Lite it can now support all of the basic commands of Firebug. So all those useful firebug console commands are yours on the go too.


They also offer the source available for download and to embed where needed. You can also update and add your own CSS files, so you can add your own Firebug Lite “dark version” or whatever to your own site for people to use.

Now just as a quick shout out. I actually found this out because of my wife. She is also a geeky techy gamer like myself.

By TheEpicChocobo of Make Me A Sammich

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