Sep 11, 2009

Social Networking for Nerds

So you want to be social but you're not into the regular pop references. Twitter is nice in it's bite size but Facebook, Friendfeed and Myspace just aren't your cup of tea. The solution is to surround yourself with people as socially dysfunctional as you. Yes you heard right there are social networks for us geeks, nerds, hackers, code monkeys or whatever you choose to call yourself.

Advogato is the place to be for open source networking, it has a nice mix of people fully versed in open source to those just starting a rating system to get yourself from user to master at the recommendation of those who know you. The site has also been used as an example of a good trust metrics system. The site isn't the shiniest but if you're looking for solid code and a blog system check it out.

Games more your thing? Try GamerDNA. It's a site that specializes in social networking for gamers. It goes through trending games and you can post screenshots and communicate with other gamers about how much you pwn them.

Looking for a mix? Try Wakoopa where you can share the games and software you use. You can also find new software and update your status to others. Yes Opera is still less popular than IE though only a deity would know why.

By @PhilipTruax

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