Sep 7, 2009

FREE Alternative to Partition Magic

When I first landed in the business, the name in third party disk partitioning was Partition Magic which is now owned by Symantec. In many circles, Partition is still the program to go to for disk partitioning.

Well, I got the idea to write about a free, open source, Linux based partitioning tool from Ask The Admin, when they mentioned using this free alternative in their adventures with Vista and Kubuntu.

This little miracle is called GPARTED. It is a Linux live CD and it's whole purpose in life is disk partitioning. It offers a really easy to use GUI for resizing drives, as well as formatting in just about every known format including NTFS for Windows. I used it just the other day to take some of my unused disk space on my computer and turn it into another partition. It works very well!

The next time someone needs some custom disk partitioning done on an a drive with an existing operating system, and you don't want to wipe the drive and start over from scratch, use GPARTED to get the job done!

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