Sep 1, 2009

Explore your inner self

There are days where I tend to be introspective. Normally I can sit down with a good book and broaden my horizons just a bit each day but there are days where I want to delve a bit deeper into understanding myself and a free tarot reading just doesn't give me the enlightened feeling I am looking for. For that purpose I've run across a couple of neat tools to help with that internal quest.

While mind mapping may not be exactly what one thinks of when they are looking for introspection that doesn't mean it can't be a useful tool in organizing one's thoughts. FreeMind is a no nonsense tool that may not be the most graphically pleasing but it gets the job done with zest and has a good selection of options that should help keep even the most flighty of minds on track, especially if you're looking to plan for a long project, such as a term paper, a project plan, a book, etc. If you need what amounts to virtual post it notes this organizes it all for you neatly and with no frills or steep learning curve.

Not quite deep enough? Or maybe you want to compare yourself to others? lets you take quizzes to find out how your personality shakes out versus others and can tell you where you sit politically based on your answers. This site is actually a really interesting case study into what explains the differences between conservatives and liberals in America is is definitely worth a look into just so it might help you understand that friend or co-worker on the other side of the political aisle.

Interested in finding out what the web thinks of you? Personas a project by those crazy guys over at MIT delves into what the web thinks about you and gives you a visual representation about what it says about you breaking your search down into different categories. You can do it on any name. I thought Sun Tzu was particularly interesting.

Some of you at this point may be sitting at home unemployed due to the down economy, thinking maybe this would be the time to change careers, but aren't certain where we'd really like to be career wise. Maybe you'd like to take a free Meyers-Briggs personality test? Yes, this is one of those tests you probably took in high school, but didn't pay attention or take seriously at the time. Your personality might change slightly as you age but your core should be the same unless you are on the cusp of more than one type. I am an INTP, feel free to leave your personality type in the comments below.

Okay so you've got some serious time on your hands at this point for self inflection and improvement? I've got two more sites for you TCU Self-Exploration has tools to really delve into your psyche complete with books, tools and techniques. The M.A.P. Maker feels a bit more existential but will equally gobble up your free time and help you to put your mind places it normally wouldn't go.

That's all for today, feel free to add your favorite sites or suggestions in the comments below!

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