Sep 2, 2009

Growl for any system

So you were at school or your trendy friends house and were on a Mac and that cool little notification came up and looked all shiny and pretty. Congratulations you've seen growl. Regardless of what you think of Steve Jobs and Apple, it's hard to deny that they can make simple look as fabulous as Will Smith in Men in Black.

So now you're back at your beautiful PC or Linux box and you want to have the same toys as your Mac buddy. Well, you're in luck! Windows aficionados will find that the wonderful folks over at Growl for Windows have got some goodies already made up and ready to roll for you. They have quite a few apps that you actually use and the interface has different skins, plus if you're any good at coding you can create a notification of your favorite app to share.

So that Bill Gates and his closed Windows not for you? Fear not 'Nix lovers because with a little bit of effort you too can have the wonders of a growl like notification. Ubuntu has Mumbles which from the looks of things looks fairly well baked with some minor hiccups and someone has installed it on Gentoo. Another decent looking notifier is Specto they claim to have it working on many major distros and it's customizable too. Finally there's this tutorial that shows you how to do it from scratch.

That's for this post folks, I would like to give a nod to the folks over at the Ubuntu forums for their help in compiling this list.

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